With the widespread availability of open wifi networks, it is increasingly likely that our bad guys may be committing their on-line crimes from locations other than their own homes. In these situations, the IP address of their activities will resolve to the location of the wifi network, and may even cast suspicion on an innocent party. Additionally, when we are executing a search warrant at a scene, we need to make sure that we have accounted for every computer, mobile devices, network attached storage devices, and anything else that may be attached to the network. This makes it vitally important that we are able to explore the inner workings of wifi routers, and understand what information may be available, where it may be located, and understand its volatility. Some of the topics discussed will include:

  • Networking basics, public and private IP addresses, and MAC addresses
  • What functions do routers perform, and how might they be important to our investigations?
  • How do we access the router? Are we changing data?
  • What types of equipment and software do we need to perform a router interrogation?
  • What kinds of information may a router hold, and how can we document that information?

During the webinar, instruction will be given on how to download a copy of the instructor's PowerPoint as well as additional resource materials pertaining to the topic.

On-Scene Router Interrogation

Presenter: Scott Lucas

Original Air Date: August 12

Cost:  $199


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