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Certification Validity

Certification will be valid for (2) years. 

Testing Requirements

Certification will require each candidate to successfully pass a multiple choice examination which is administered on our testing portal at the following web address:  The testing key will be provided at the end of the training class.  The examination will address significant points covered in class regarding cell phone forensics and cellular technology.   

Certification Program Requirements

Criteria / Prerequisites for Certification

There are no pre-requisites for attending the CTF or +SMART

 Certification Classes. 


Examples of PATC tech related training programs that will qualify for the

re-certification requirement:

     - Cell Phone Technology for Criminal Investigators

     - Smartphone Forensics for Criminal Investigators

     - Cell Phone Technology & Forensic Data Recovery Certification (CTF)

     - Smartphone Forensics & Cellular Technology Certification (+SMART)

     - Emerging Trends (only offered at our Western States Conference in Las Vegas)

     - Oxygen Forensics User Certification - Boot Camp Class

     - Cell Phone Mapping and Managing Data

What you will receive upon completion

Successful candidates will receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the test.  The student will then receive, in the mail, a certification card with your member ID# and expiration details that you can keep and carry with you.   


For those graduates of the Certification Program who desire to maintain current certification status, you will be required to go through the online

re-certification process which consists of the following:   

     (1) Pay required fee of $250.00.

     (2) Watch several videos relating to significant topics within the field of

     cell phone forensics and cellular technology.

     (3) Take a re-certification test.

     (4) Have attended some type of additional PATC tech training within the two (2)  

year validity period of your certification.  A minimum of 16 hours of training is required.   The classes that qualify for this training requirement are listed below under the Training Section. 


Retake the 4 1/2 day certification course which you are certified in during the

two (2) year validity period.