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 Cellular Records Analysis and Mapping

This webinar will cover the many aspects of conducting investigations involving Facebook®. Facebook® is currently the second largest website on the internet, and the largest social networking site. As such it has become a part of many people’s daily lives. In this webinar the attendee will be instructed on where the different types of useful data can be found, as well as discussing artifacts that can be recovered using forensic software.  MORE               

July 5-7, 2017
1-3 PM Daily
Glenn Bard
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 On-Scene Router Interrogations

In this webinar series the attendee will be introduced to the different types of cellular records available from the most popular wireless service providers in America. Each session will cover a different wireless network, and the specific types of data held by that network. Additionally the attendee will be supplied with search warrant language specific for each network and an example from each of the networks covered. Topics covered will range from Lucent® vs Nortel® towers, Operational vs Optimal Beam Width, Non typical tower sectors, First and Last cell sites, RTT / PCMD / NELOS, Burner apps, VOIP, as well as many other topics. In short this series will identify what is available on each network: retention periods, the wording needed to get it, and how to interpret the data.   Each day will also include a demonstration of mapping techniques for that day's provider’s records.   MORE                

May 29 - June 2
12-2 PM Daily
Glenn Bard

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June 12, 2017
1-4 PM 
Glenn Bard
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 Social Networking Investigations

 Facebook: Investigations and Forensics

June 30, 2017
1-3 PM 
Scott Lucas
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This webinar series is designed to instruct officers, investigators and detectives on the various Social Networking sites currently used by victims, witnesses and suspects. Each of the sites will be explored, and the different types of evidence will be examined. The student will also be introduced to the different types of evidence, and where it can be located and properly collected. Additionally, examples of legal process as well as contact information for all the mentioned Social Networking sites will be given to each student.   MORE                

With the widespread availability of open wifi networks, it is increasingly likely that our bad guys may be committing their on-line crimes from locations other than their own homes. In these situations, the IP address of their activities will resolve to the location of the wifi network, and may even cast suspicion on an innocent party. Additionally, when we are executing a search warrant at a scene, we need to make sure that we have accounted for every computer, mobile devices, network attached storage devices, and anything else that may be attached to the network. This makes it vitally important that we are able to explore the inner workings of wifi routers, and understand what information may be available, where it may be located, and understand its volatility.  MORE