June 21, June 28, July 5, July 13 and July 19

12-2 PM Daily

Glenn Bard

This webinar will cover the many aspects of conducting investigations involving Facebook®. Facebook® is currently the second largest website on the internet, and the largest social networking site. As such it has become a part of many people’s daily lives. In this webinar the attendee will be instructed on where the different types of useful data can be found.  MORE

​​ Facebook Investigations and Forensics

April 27, 2018

12-3 PM Eastern

Glenn Bard


​​ iOS and Android Forensics in Human Trafficking Investigations


Cellular Records Analysis and Mapping

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In this 2 part webinar series the attendee will be instructed on how to conduct Android and iOS forensics and find evidence that can be useful in Human Trafficking investigations. The attendee will be introduced to extracting data from both types of devices using several different tools. Once the data is extracted, it will be loaded into various analyzing tools for review. The student will then be introduced to the types of data that can contain the evidence needed to prove the case.  MORE

In this webinar series the attendee will be introduced to the different types of cellular records available from the most popular wireless service providers in America. Each session will deal with a different wireless service provider.  In short this series will identify what is available on each network: retention periods, the wording needed to get it, and how to interpret the data. Each day will also include a demonstration of mapping techniques for that day's provider’s records, utilizing DART/Maplink  MORE

May 17-18, 2018

12-3 PM Daily

Glenn Bard