​​ Facebook® Investigations and Forensics

​​ On-Scene Triage of Electronic Evidence

This webinar series is designed to instruct officers, investigators and detectives on the various Social Networking sites currently used by victims, witnesses and suspects. Each of the sites will be explored, and the different types of evidence will be examined. The student will also be introduced to the different types of evidence, and where it can be located and properly collected. MORE

February 9, 2018
12-2 PM 
Scott Lucas
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Facebook® is currently the second largest website on the internet, and the largest social networking site. As such it has become a part of many people’s daily lives. This webinar will cover the many aspects of conducting investigations involving Facebook®. In this webinar the attendee will be instructed on where the different types of useful data can be found, as well as what Facebook® artifacts our forensic tools can recover from computers and mobile devices. MORE

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Gone are the days when we can just arrive at a scene, pull the plug on a computer tower, and take it back to the office for forensic examination. Valuable data can be lost forever if not collected at the correct time, in the correct manner. This webinar is intended to make investigators and responding officers aware of the types of electronic evidence that they may encounter, appropriate methods for seizing this evidence, special situations officers may encounter, and effective and appropriate tools and techniques for on-scene triage of electronic evidence


February 20-22, 2018
12-2 PM Daily
Glenn Bard
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​​ Social Networking Investigations

January 26, 2018
12-3 PM 
Glenn Bard
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