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Facebook Investigations and Forensics - Updated 6th Edition

Cost: $99

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the planet.  In this three-hour webinar, Glenn goes over all of the essentials of Facebook, including the built-in searching and downloading capabilities, as well as how to obtain data from and about user profiles.  Also includes Instagram.  More Info

Social Networking Investigations

Cost: $175

This 6-hour webinar is designed to instruct officers, investigators and detectives on the various Social Networking sites currently used by victims, witnesses and suspects. Each of the sites will be explored, and we will find out what data is available on the sites themselves, from the providers, and from the devices which accessed them.  More Info

Cellular Records Investigation

Cost: $249

One USB containing both the Cellular Records Review and Analysis series and the Cell Mapping with DART/ and Maplink.  These webinars will go over each provider's call detail records in detail, and then show how we use DART and Maplink to map these records.  A great combination.   More Info

Training you can carry with you!

We are excited to announce our newest training tool: Webinars on USB.  Each series will be mailed to you on a thumb drive, and will include recorded webinar training from the PATCtech staff, as well as all associated course materials.  These materials will include the instructor's powerpoint presentation - in both PPT and PDF - as well as any associated materials the instructor made available to attendees during the live sessions.  The recordings will come in two versions: a high-quality .arf file (the install file for the utility needed to play this file format is also included), as well as an .mp4 version which can be viewed using most standard video players and mobile devices.  Purchasers are also eligible to utilize the PATCtech testing portal following viewing to obtain certificates of attendance for classes viewed via USB.  

This is a great opportunity to own permanently some of the valuable online training from PATCtech webinars.  And some of our most popular webinars, such as the Cellular Records Review and Analysis series, will be available on USB even though they are not customarily available for purchase as traditional recorded versions once the live session have ended.  

Please take a look at the following offerings:

Build Your Own Forensics Essentials USB

Cost: $199

Pick any four of our forensics essentials series, and we'll customize a USB specifically with the recordings you want.   More Info

Webinars On USB

Cell Mapping with DART and Maplink

Cost: $99

Now that Microsoft's Streets and Trips has reached End-of-Life, we have had to find a new utility for mapping call detail records.  DART and Maplink have become our go-to software solutions for this.  This four-hour webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of each, and illustrate how we use them to map our CDRs.   More Info

Drones, IP Cameras and Mobile Devices: Utilizing and Investigating Video for Law Enforcement

Cost: $125

This webinar will introduce the student to some of the devices that capture video, and some of the principles of video forensics, including methods of obtaining the video by extracting it from the device, capturing the video as it plays on the device, or even networking to the device.   More Info

Cellular Records Analysis and Mapping - Updated 5th Edition

Cost: $199

Now available on USB, Glenn Bard's entire series of webinars on Cellular Records Analysis and Mapping. These five, 2-hour webinars were recorded Jun 14-July 19, 2018, and cover in detail the call detail records of the major cellular providers in the United States.  More Info

Snapchat Investigations and Forensics - Updated 4th Edition

Cost: $99

Snapchat has become an ever-increasing presence in law enforcement investigations. The application can be used to communicate, or for following the “stories” of others. In this 2-hour webinar, Glenn explains the capabilities of Snapchat, the kinds of information available, and how to obtain the most evidence for our investigations.  More Info