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Cellular Records Investigations




This two-in-one USB contains both Glenn Bard’s Cellular Records Review and Analysis series and his
Cell Mapping with DART and Maplink webinar. Fourteen total hours of training on one USB!

This USB will contain the updated 5th edition of Glenn’s five-part, 10-hour, Cellular Records Review and Analysis series which aired on June 21-July 28, 2018. This webinar series covers in detail the call detail records available from each of the major cellular providers in the United States. Each session is dedicated to a different providers, with the fifth session going into detail on some of the smaller providers, as well as burner apps and other related topics. Each provider’s records are explained in details, with examples of records, cell site listings, and definitions pages.

– Part 1. AT&T®, Cricket® Records: Understanding the LAC / CID or eCGI, converting from UTC time, longitude and latitude, understanding call features, mapping the tower and sector.

– Part 2. Verizon® Records: First Cell / Last Cell, Nortel vs Lucent towers, call types, mapping the tower and sector.

– Part 3: Sprint® Records: Identifying the call sector, Motorola vs Samsung vs Ericson vs Nortel vs Lucent towers, finding text messages in the records, mapping the tower and sector.

– Part 4: T-Mobile®, MetroPCS® Records: Locating the LAC / CID, converting from UTC time, finding text messages in the records, mapping the accessed tower.

– Part 5: Other records: (Tracfone®, Straightalk®, US Cellular®, etc) & burner apps, VOIP & disposable numbers, what it means that Tracfone is an MVNO, identifying ownership of a prepaid phone, mapping Lucent vs Nortel on US Cell Records (Dec vs Hex), how to detect when the call was spoofed, tracking VOIP calls.

This USB also contains Glenn’s two-part, 4-hour, Cell Mapping with DART and Maplink webinar, which aired on September 23, 2016.

For years many agencies have relied upon Microsoft Streets and Trips® for their cell phone mapping software. Microsoft Streets and Trips® was a reliable and inexpensive tool, but unfortunately it has reached “End of Life”, and there hasn’t been an updated version since 2013. Many agencies have contacted PATCtech asking us for a recommendation for a replacement, and we set out to find a solution. After testing several different tools, we have found two tools, MapLink® and D.A.R.T.® as our replacements for the classroom and for our cases as well.

MapLink® is a utility that allows for mapping of individual towers, or importing the entire Call Detail Record at once. Additionally, it can add ranges, azimuths and beam widths without the need of having a protractor or any other software. It also allows the user to choose between several different map options.

D.A.R.T.® is a utility that has similar functionalities to MapLink.® when it comes to mapping, to include importing records, mapping individual towers, and even adding sectors, beam widths and ranges. But D.A.R.T.® also has many more capabilities, including SQLite Viewer, Plist Viewer, SIM extractions, and even forensic analysis of handsets.

These presentations will introduce the attendee to the many uses of MapLink® and D.A.R.T.®, including how to map cellular towers and locations, and how to use the utilities as replacements for Streets and Trips.

This is a chance to get both of Glenn’s popular webinars on USB, which cover both a detailed explanation of the providers’ records and the practical application of utilizing those records in an investigation.

This is a fantastic resource for anyone who uses CDRs in their investigations, and a thorough introduction for those who may be realizing the value of these records, but isn’t sure exactly how to best utilize them.​

Each USB drive will include two versions of the video recordings of the webinar sessions: a high-quality .arf file (the install file for the utility needed to play this file format is also included), as well as an .mp4 version which can be viewed using most standard video players and mobile devices. Additionally, all of the course materials from Glenn’s live sessions will be provided, including PPT and PDF versions of his presentation, examples of each provider’s records and definitions, sample warrant language specific to each provider and any other course materials Glenn prepared for us. Purchasers will be eligible to register on our training portal to print a certificate of attendance for these trainings.

Plus, a 45-day, fully functional demo of D.A.R.T.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one person will be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance for each USB purchased. Following submission of an order, the person who purchased the USB will receive an email asking him or her for the name and email address of the person who should be registered for the course on the PATCtech testing portal. Once that individual has completed the training on the USB, he or she will already be enrolled in this webinar’s testing page, and can take a short content-based quiz and print a certificate of attendance for the training.