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Drones, IP Cameras, and Mobile Devices: Utilizing and Investigating Video for Law Enforcement




Drones and video surveillance devices are commonplace in society, and nearly everyone carries a smartphone. Not only has the presence of such devices changed the way people record video, it has also changed the way police officers and investigators can help identify the suspect(s) of a crime. With the increased popularity of these devices, the responsibility to extract and/or enhance the video typically falls onto police departments.

This webinar will introduce the student to some of the devices that capture video, and some of the principles of video forensics, including methods of obtaining the video by extracting it from the device, capturing the video as it plays on the device, or even networking to the device. Next, once the video is obtained, how can it help the investigation?

Video capture devices

  • Drones
  • IP Cameras
  • Mobile Devices

How are they used?

  • By Criminals
  • By Witnesses
  • By Law Enforcement

Methods of extracting video footage from devices

Introduction to helpful software

  • Snag It and Camtasia
  • Video Cleaner
  • Oxygen Forensic Detective
  • DVR Examiner

Each USB drive will include two versions of the video recording of the webinar session: a high-quality .arf file (the install file for the utility needed to play this file format is also included), as well as, a .mp4 version which can be viewed using most standard video players and mobile devices. Additionally, all of the course materials from Glenn’s live session will be provided, including PPT and PDF versions of his presentation. Purchasers will be eligible to register on our training portal to print a certificate of attendance for the training.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one person will be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance for each USB purchased. Following submission of an order, the person who purchased the USB will receive an email asking him or her for the name and email address of the person who should be registered for the course on the PATCtech testing portal. Once that individual has completed the training on the USB, he or she will already be enrolled in this webinar’s testing page, and can take a short content-based quiz and print a certificate of attendance for the training.