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Social Networking Investigations




This webinar series is designed to instruct officers, investigators and detectives on the various Social Networking sites currently used by victims, witnesses and suspects. Each of the sites will be explored, and the different types of evidence will be examined. The student will also be introduced to the different types of evidence, and where it can be located and properly collected. Additionally, examples of legal process as well as contact information for all the mentioned Social Networking sites will be given to each student.

Day 1: Introduction to Social Networks

  • What qualifies as a Social Network?
  • Major current Social Networking sites.
  • Where to find evidence, understanding the differences in the types of evidence.
  • From the provider, what can be obtained with legal process?
  • The page itself, live on the internet.
  • Artifacts on computers / cell phones that can be obtained with a forensic exam

Day 2: Facebook Investigations:

  • The page itself
  • Understanding the different sections, and what they contain.
  • How to search the website and use it as a tool to collect information.
  • Copying any relevant evidence.
  • What can be obtained from Facebook.
  • Legal process specific to Facebook evidence
  • Exploring what can be located during an exam of a computer / cell phone
  • What forensic artifacts can be located.

Day 3: Various other Social Networking sites:

  • Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.
  • Exploring the different sites.
  • What is available from each of them.
  • Different tools and tips for each individual site.

Each USB drive will include two versions of the video recordings of the webinar sessions: a high-quality .arf file (the install file for the utility needed to play this file format is also included), as well as an .mp4 version which can be viewed using most standard video players and mobile devices. Additionally, all course materials made available to the registered attendees of the live sessions will be included on the USB, including Powerpoint and PDF versions of Glenn’s presentations and LE guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one person will be eligible to receive a certificate of attendance for each USB purchased. Following submission of an order, the person who purchased the USB will receive an email asking him or her for the name and email address of the person who should be registered for the course on the PATCtech testing portal. Once that individual has completed the training on the USB, he or she will already be enrolled in this webinar’s testing page, and can take a short content-based quiz and print a certificate of attendance for the training